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A Sickly Citizen

Caleb, my 7 year old, has been sick for the last couple of days. He even missed school yesterday.

Last night his teacher called. She informed me that Caleb would be receiving an award at the school assembly today and to try really hard to have him there. It was so neat to see how much she cares about him and how well she has gotten to know him.

Oh and I wasn't supposed to tell him.

I was very hopeful until about 2am when he threw up all over himself and his bed. And then did it again an hour later.

I was still determined to get him there.

I waited until the last second to get him dressed and still had to change him because he was sick again. Poor guy!

But I was determined that nothing was going to keep us from getting him there, so I changed him and got everybody in the car. I loaded him up on medicine so that he would at least get through the assembly.

Caleb had no idea he was getting an award and he was ecstatic.

He was one of two students out of 90 that received the Good Citizens…

My Eulogy

I love to read. I mostly like to read things that can enlighten and encourage me in my walk with Christ. One such book that I've been reading is Mastering the Seven Decisions that Determine Personal Success by Andy Andrews.

It has been life changing for me.

Sometimes I think Mr. Andrews doesn't put enough of an emphasis on God but most of what he says is still true.

Mixed in with each chapter are little exercises to drive home his points. Let me tell ya, I've actually learned a lot about myself. Some things I had to get Michael's help on, and I think those were the most enlightening to me.

One of the exercises is to write my own eulogy. It's not anything that I actually expect to be read at my funeral, so when you read it keep in mind that I'm not saying I am all of those things. They are the things I hope to become. He recommends that you type it up and carry it with you where ever you go and share it with the three most important people in your life. I…

Being June Cleaver

Sometimes I wonder what God was thinking blessing me with these precious souls to train and nurture. When I was expecting the twins people would tell me that God would not give me more than I could handle.

Well, He must have more confidence in me than I do--that's all I can say.

Very often, I let myself off the hook. Allowing my feelings of inadequacy to keep me from using my talents. I am the one talent man who buried his talent. Very sad indeed.

In my search for a miracle cure, something that will suddenly make me June Cleaver, I have read many books.

But, as you might have guessed, so far I haven't found the magic Mrs. Cleaver tonic.

I have found some things that have helped me.

FlyLady is a really awesome resource. I am not subscribed to the site, but I have been in the past. The emails get really overwhelming to me. However the information is still good. The whole getting-dressed-to-the-shoes thing really does work. And I feel so good going into my kitchen and being m…

Works For Me Wednesday

Last summer I traveled, with my five little monkeys, the 1600 miles to Dallas, TX to visit their grandparents. Michael couldn't go for various reasons but we decided that I would take the kids and go anyway.

I was a little nervous but felt confident that we could make it. I wanted to be as frugal as possible and remain sane until I arrived at my in-laws.

I'm not sure I succeeded in the latter, but we made it anyway.

I did a lot of planning before I left. I knew where I would stop and how far it would be before I could stop again.

I did research to find out where the cheapest gas prices were and planned to stop there. I definitely didn't want to get caught in Ludlow, Ca in need of gas. I'm sure the owners of the two gas stations within 100 miles laugh heartily each time they sucker someone into paying a dollar more for a gallon of gasoline than they would pay anywhere else in the country.

The morning we were set to leave, I got up ridiculously early and went to the stor…

Children's Book Reviews

1. The B Book by Jan and Stan Berenstain

"Big Brown, Big Brown Bear"...this is a lovely, alliterative piece of children's literature. Wonderfully illustrated by the authors, this fanciful work demonstrates to youngsters both the "B" sound and why it's NEVER safe to ride a bike backward while blowing bubbles.

2. If You Give a Mouse a Cookie by Laura Joffe Numeroff

Another work of fantasy, this helps children understand the repercussions of their actions in a fun, imaginative setting. Two thumbs up!!

3. Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss

A true classic, Dr. Seuss makes expert use of rhyme and anapestic tetrameter while depicting to children the dangers of prejudice and the importance of an open mind.

4. Caillou by PBS Kids

This one gets a firm two thumbs down from us. Drawbacks include frequent whining and disobedience by the title character as well as a lack of discipline bordering on enabling by the supporting cast.

5. SuperWhy! by PBS Kids

A recent masterpiece of chil…

Suddenly, I'm not half the man I used to be...

As I sat in the stands of my cousin's high school graduation ceremony, memories of my own came flooding back. The sense of wonder and excitement. The expectation that we would be the class that everyone remembered.

I remember all of the things that I wanted to do.

Not once did I consider failure. Or not accomplishing my dreams.

But one by one the opportunities came and one by one I let them pass.

I remember feeling like I had my whole life ahead of me, that I had plenty of time.

I think back now to all of the moments I wasted, to all of the poor decisions I've made. And I can't get those back.

All of that is why I am on this journey. I may never be a children's book author or live in Chicago or New York, but I or more correctly, my Lord, can change the course of my life. I can "Trust in the Lord with all" my "heart and lean not to" my "own understanding. In all" my "ways acknowledge Him and he will make" my "paths straight.…

Forgiveness Famine

A good portion of my life has been spent hording forgiveness. I carry it around like a bag of flour on the clearance rack during a famine. I withhold it from everyone but those I deem 'worthy' of it.

But, honestly, who deserves it? I certainly don't. So who am I to withhold it from anyone else?

The only thing that un-forgiveness leads to is misery.

So on my path to wisdom and the heart of God, I find I need to let go of my forgiveness. I need to bestow it freely and exorbitantly.

Every day I must wake up and make the decision that when my husband does something offensive, I will forgive him. Before he even asks. I commit to loving those around me, using my Savior as my Guide. I commit to forgiveness and compassion even before the offense happens, so that I will be prepared when the time comes I will react with grace and compassion.

I will no longer horde my love and forgiveness but I will give it freely. Abundantly. Until it hurts. Because no amount of pain I go thro…

Lies Satan Tells Me and the Truth that Sets Me Free

Life is not fair.
I don't deserve this.
Why is this happening to me?
It's not my fault.
I can't believe they did that to me!
If they would do this, then I would be a better person.

Have you ever wondered why some people are perpetually happy, while others are perpetually angry, depressed or bitter?

I continually struggle with my attitude. I often get burdened down by the above statements and questions.

It's so easy to pawn my faults onto someone else. To blame them for my bad attitude or lack of godly character. If it's their fault, it's their responsibility to change it, right?

If I truly want to be happy, if I truly seek God's wisdom and character, I must take responsibility. I must stop blaming others. I must stop thinking of myself at all.

Life is not about me. It is about Him.

I must diligently fix my eyes upon Jesus and "consider Him" so that I "will not grow weary and lose heart".

Without Him, my life has no meaning--sweeping the floor …

Works For Me Wednesday

I am always, always looking for an easier, and more efficient way of completing chores. Cleaning the bathtub is one! So when I discovered this method of getting my tub, white white I was so excited.

First, I fill the tub up with hot water, adding a little bleach. I then take my shower curtain down and add the liner to soak as well. I allow that to sit while I'm doing other chores. I then drain the bath tub and wipe it with a rag. And wha-la! It's a beauty!

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Captains Orders: Burn the Ships!

When Hernando Cortez set foot on the Yucatan Peninsula, he knew of all the hundreds of conquerors who had failed at his task. Riches, jewels and wealth beyond measure lie ahead. All he, and his men, had to do was take it.

But taking it was no easy task. Conqueror after conqueror had set out with this goal, and died trying to achieve it.

Cortez and his men landed on the beach and immediately Cortez ordered the ships to be burned. He gave his men an ultimatum--either go home on the ships of the people they came to conquer, or they wouldn't go home at all.

Cortez succeeded.

I find ships in my heart that are in need of burning. I set out at a task, only to recant when I am criticized or meet obstacles. I have been unable to find solutions, because I am busy trying to find an escape.

The question is: What boats in my mind continue to float the excuses and limiting beliefs that are keeping me from getting what I say I want?

Criticism from others and my own limiting beliefs about myself…


I love this time of year. It's so nice to be able to open up doors and windows to let in the lovely breeze. There are cool days, there are warm days and there are scorching days. And no matter what temperature it reaches outside during the day, it will eventually cool off to a very reasonable temp.

I am so thankful that in spite of the 103 degree weather we had today, that it is now in the mid 70s. It really helps in cooling costs for things to cool so much at night. That bay breeze is such a blessing!!

"But that is not all, oh no that is not all..."

Michael laid off last November. A while back his benefits expired.

About a month ago, there was a mix up and Michael didn't receive his check. Or the next one. We finally did receive them and were able to keep everything turned on. But we have been a little concerned about how we were going to deal with certain situations that have arisen.

Well, today we received 2 different checks and a Target gift card in the mail…

My Hallway Closet With Before and After Pics

One of my greatest goals, in the coming months, is to create a home atmosphere that will glorify my heavenly Father. I believe that I can do that by creating a home that will be a haven to my husband, children and any one who enters it.

So, with that in mind...

Closets are so easy to just close the door and forget what's in them. And that's what I've done for too long, in my hallway closet. So today I will tackle it! I'll post before and after photos this evening!