Being June Cleaver

Sometimes I wonder what God was thinking blessing me with these precious souls to train and nurture. When I was expecting the twins people would tell me that God would not give me more than I could handle.

Well, He must have more confidence in me than I do--that's all I can say.

Very often, I let myself off the hook. Allowing my feelings of inadequacy to keep me from using my talents. I am the one talent man who buried his talent. Very sad indeed.

In my search for a miracle cure, something that will suddenly make me June Cleaver, I have read many books.

But, as you might have guessed, so far I haven't found the magic Mrs. Cleaver tonic.

I have found some things that have helped me.

FlyLady is a really awesome resource. I am not subscribed to the site, but I have been in the past. The emails get really overwhelming to me. However the information is still good. The whole getting-dressed-to-the-shoes thing really does work. And I feel so good going into my kitchen and being momentarily blinded by the beauty of my sink. I may have to retry it, the site looks a lot different.

Reading the blogs of other women who have a desire to glorify God through caring for their husbands, their home and children has really helped as well. It has aided me in seeing the necessity of serving my husband and nurturing my children in a biblical manner.

Reading the book of Proverbs has given me a new perspective and opened my eyes to a lot of wrong attitudes I have and has provided me with much encouragement as well.

There is so much information out there, and so much that I have left to learn. I have so much growing to do!!

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