Captains Orders: Burn the Ships!

When Hernando Cortez set foot on the Yucatan Peninsula, he knew of all the hundreds of conquerors who had failed at his task. Riches, jewels and wealth beyond measure lie ahead. All he, and his men, had to do was take it.

But taking it was no easy task. Conqueror after conqueror had set out with this goal, and died trying to achieve it.

Cortez and his men landed on the beach and immediately Cortez ordered the ships to be burned. He gave his men an ultimatum--either go home on the ships of the people they came to conquer, or they wouldn't go home at all.

Cortez succeeded.

I find ships in my heart that are in need of burning. I set out at a task, only to recant when I am criticized or meet obstacles. I have been unable to find solutions, because I am busy trying to find an escape.

The question is: What boats in my mind continue to float the excuses and limiting beliefs that are keeping me from getting what I say I want?

Criticism from others and my own limiting beliefs about myself have kept me from doing more things than I can count. I start out with enthusiasm and determination but I allow each little criticism to chisel away at my focus and eventually, I give up.

I often tell myself "you can't do that" or ask "who do you think you are?" or "if that person isn't doing that, then what makes you think YOU can do it?"

I can no longer allow my own limiting beliefs and the opinions of others to stagnate my growth. I must have a decided heart. I may not be able to accomplish much on my own, but "His strength is made perfect in my weakness". "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me". I am NOT good enough but my LORD is, and He is standing ready to give me the desires of my heart.

I desperately want to be a woman after God's heart. I want to instill a love and fervor for my Savior in my children.

I have a decided heart.

My ships are burning. Jesus is my goal. There is no turning back. I am at the mark. I am ready. Here I go.

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