Lies Satan Tells Me and the Truth that Sets Me Free

Life is not fair.
I don't deserve this.
Why is this happening to me?
It's not my fault.
I can't believe they did that to me!
If they would do this, then I would be a better person.

Have you ever wondered why some people are perpetually happy, while others are perpetually angry, depressed or bitter?

I continually struggle with my attitude. I often get burdened down by the above statements and questions.

It's so easy to pawn my faults onto someone else. To blame them for my bad attitude or lack of godly character. If it's their fault, it's their responsibility to change it, right?

If I truly want to be happy, if I truly seek God's wisdom and character, I must take responsibility. I must stop blaming others. I must stop thinking of myself at all.

Life is not about me. It is about Him.

I must diligently fix my eyes upon Jesus and "consider Him" so that I "will not grow weary and lose heart".

Without Him, my life has no meaning--sweeping the floor is just picking up dirt. But with HIM, sweeping the floor has eternal value. I am honoring my Savior with every sweep of my broom.

Life isn't fair. I don't deserve the love of my Savior. But He gives it anyway. This is happening to me because He loves me so much, that even when I rejected Him, He died for me. It isn't my fault that He took away my sins and I can't believe He did that to me, but He did. Because He died for me, to save me, I can be a better person.

Our God is truly an awesome God!

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