My Eulogy

I love to read. I mostly like to read things that can enlighten and encourage me in my walk with Christ. One such book that I've been reading is Mastering the Seven Decisions that Determine Personal Success by Andy Andrews.

It has been life changing for me.

Sometimes I think Mr. Andrews doesn't put enough of an emphasis on God but most of what he says is still true.

Mixed in with each chapter are little exercises to drive home his points. Let me tell ya, I've actually learned a lot about myself. Some things I had to get Michael's help on, and I think those were the most enlightening to me.

One of the exercises is to write my own eulogy. It's not anything that I actually expect to be read at my funeral, so when you read it keep in mind that I'm not saying I am all of those things. They are the things I hope to become. He recommends that you type it up and carry it with you where ever you go and share it with the three most important people in your life. I'm sharing mine here since it's part of my journey.

Hannah Fancher was a woman of virtue. A woman who embodied godliness.

Michael was very definitely #1 in her life, after the Lord. She made sure he was treated like a king. The respect, admiration and submission she displayed to him are no secret to those who knew her. Michael trusted her completely with everything he had, even his checkbook. Her discretion, courage and ingenuity continually provoked our respect for Michael.

She raised, with her husband, five children who live their lives in continual service of Jesus Christ and those around them. In adulthood, her children obviously valued and sought her friendship.

Hannah exuded wisdom. She could always be counted on for wise counsel.

Everyone here has been touched by her kindness. Whether through a meal--either in her home or brought to yours--or a card received full of encouraging words at a time most needed.

This woman truly lived a selfless life.

She worked hard. She never had a secular job but you'd never know a busier woman. She worked tirelessly to show the love of Christ to those around her.

She never ceased to do good, and she always gave the credit where it was due--to our Savior.
I have to say that since I've written this, and when I read it, it inspires me and encourages me to work toward those things. It gives me something to aim at, a visual picture so I'm not just an arrow shot in the dark.

At different times in the book he has you set smaller goals that work toward this larger one. Like, what can you do in the next 48 hours to work toward this ultimate goal? It is so helpful to do that, because I'm not just going to wake up one day and be all of those things, I have to be working them now.

It really is an awesome book! It's so practical, and like I said, it has been life changing for me.

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