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Michael has been out of work since November.

He's been going to school now, with a couple of breaks, to be a music teacher.

During this time of unemployment times have been difficult but God always provides at the very best time. I'm constantly amazed by his constant and abundant provision.

The unemployment rates in our country are sky rocketing which means a lot more people in the applicant pool, which makes it even more difficult for each applicant to succeed in gaining employment.

Job opportunities have been scarce with few opportunities to even apply.

But this week Michael has found tons of job openings to apply for.

I am thankful. I cannot tell you what it does to a man's ego to be unable to provide for his family. Just having the prospect of employment is something to be thankful for.

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Hi My Name is Hannah and...

I'm an approval addict. Pretty much anything I do is met with the thought "What will they think of me?"

I don't always act on it but the urge to is strong.

Recently I was involved in a situation where I honestly tried my hardest to resolve the problems involved. I was determined to live like Jesus would. To love like Jesus would.

I'm not saying that I didn't make mistakes or that I did everything right. But I'm human, so that's to be expected, right?

My efforts didn't succeed.

I'm still praying that God can use me to resolve this problem but I really just want it resolved, no matter who solves it, because I know that ultimately HE is in control and I just want HIS will to be done. But now comes the part where the parties who have labeled themselves as the victims, tell their story. And I find myself concerned about how my reputation will fall in everything. I'm concerned about how I will be portrayed to those I love and whose opinions o…

Here I am

We've been busy with wedding stuff and being sick.

All of our kids were invited to be ring bearers and flower girls in my cousins wedding. Nathaniel ended up not being able to participate because he got the stomach flu on the day of the wedding. He was very sad.

But other than that we all made it down the isle and were relatively decent, behavior wise, during the ceremony.

So I think we definitely qualify as THAT Family!

Yesterday while playing outside in the sprinkler, celebrating the end of the school year (finally!), Caleb ran toward me screaming bloody murder. Literally. As he passed them, Nathaniel and Lilla began screaming as loudly and as hysterically. When he approached me and turned for me to see the problem, I began to scream like the victim in a slasher movie. Which made the kids scream even louder.

After a few seconds of this incessant screaming, I began to scream my husbands name and to realize that I needed to calm down and calm the kids down because Caleb was grow…


Sometimes it's nice to turn off the phones, shut down the computer and turn off the tv. The lack of noise is so peaceful and allows for good conversation.

I am so thankful for our family time. Every Friday we try to have just our little family do a group of fun activities together. Sometimes we play games, sometimes we fly kites, sometimes we bake. It doesn't really matter what we're doing. It's just lovely to be together and enjoy each others company and to remember how much we like each other.

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"I don't want diamond sunbursts or marble halls. I just want you."

A while back my husband and I were asked to recite the most romantic moments of our marriage. It didn't take me long to come up with one moment but I couldn't really think of any others that I thought were truly romantic. I eventually did come up with another, more generic moment that couldn't really be confined to one moment.

We've gone on lots of dates, had many a candlelit dinner with soft music playing, we've spent time on the beach, we even had a honeymoon. All of those things were nice but I wouldn't consider them truly romantic.

The first romantic moment I thought of took place a few minutes after our second baby was born. We hadn't been able to pick out a name so he arrived and spent the next several hours of his life nameless. A while after the birth the midwives who assisted in Nathaniel's delivery put me in an herbal bath. I sat for a few moments peacefully by myself and then they brought me my baby. Michael sat on the commode next to us…


I gave birth to my eldest son a little over seven years ago. Six years ago today, I gave birth to his brother, Nathaniel.

I am so thankful for my babies and for their spacing. I get a lot of comments about whether or not I believe in birth control and people asking whether I know where babies come from. My reply is always that the Lord knows what He's doing.

Today I celebrate the fact that I am a blessed Mama. He knew exactly what I needed and I am so glad that He blessed me with everyone of my babies. At exactly the right time.

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Selfishness isn't All it's Cracked Up To Be

I used to be a closet feminist. Oh, I'd never have told you that, but my actions would. I'd seen dozens and dozens of movies where the loving, devoted wife gets pushed aside for the more outspoken and selfish woman (Thank you, Lifetime!) and I was convinced that being the nice, submissive wife would only land me on the curb, pregnant and broke with nowhere to go.

This actually extended itself to more than just marriage. It overflowed into every aspect of my life. I had had my share of abuse and was determined to never allow myself to be hurt again.

I lost my friends. I pushed away my sweet husband. Then I cried because I was alone.

Eventually I realized that I was the problem and not anyone else. And let me tell ya, that was a hard lesson to learn. I'm not saying that I am responsible for another's actions, only that I am responsible for my response to them.

Even since then, I've been bitten and struggled to keep myself from retreating back into my little fortr…

Making My Home a Haven

I'm not a decorator. I wish I was but I'm just not. At all. I can come up with good ideas sometimes, but it's rare. I think my last one was ten years ago.

I was a preacher's kid and we moved a lot. I've lived in 25 houses and I'm only 27. So it's kind of hard for me to become attached to a house and even harder for me to feel motivated to make my house all homey, just to have to move again.

My house has no personality. The walls are bare, except for a few hand prints. I don't have pictures hanging or anything that would tell you anything about who I am. It's sad really. Some complete stranger could come and take up residence and nobody would even be able to tell the difference!

So in the coming months, my goal is to make my house more homey. To actually leave evidence of who we are on the walls. Because the only thing you could guess by looking at my walls right now is that I have kids, who don't spell, but who own markers and love to…

My Dragon Slayer is a Man of Many Talents

A while ago I was in a group of women. They were discussing whether or not their husbands would eat leftovers. The one who answered right before me very smugly said that her husband would eat a pot of beans for a week.

Let me tell ya, not only will my husband eat a pot of beans for a week (not that I've ever made him) but he will make them first and then eat them for a week.

Seriously, I think Michael's stomach is made of steal. He can and will eat anything.

We had been married for six months before his mom politely told me, after I mentioned making it, that he doesn't like spaghetti or macaroni and cheese. We had had each one about once a week since our wedding day and he had never said a word. Seriously, not a peep out of him.

He also has this amazing ability to make leftovers taste better than they did the first time around. Some leftovers are like that anyway, but he can work miracles!

Yeah, my husband's pretty awesome! I'm so thankful that he married me!


Making My Home a Haven With Before and After Pics

Yay! It's a beautiful day! And, as Anne Shirley says "tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it". Today is that day! This is my opportunity!

Here are this weeks Making your Home a Haven challenges
1. Take 15 minutes to do something I've dreaded doing--the bookcase in my hallway. The hallway probably isn't the best place for a bookcase. Quite often those walking by accidentally knock a book off.2. Something I've been procrastinating about--cleaning off the desk. I forgot to take a before picture.3. A pile I need to clean up--my dresser. It's bad!

4. Spend quality time with my family--that'll be easy but I'm not sure what I'm gonna do that's out of the ordinary.

Hush Yo' Mouth!

This isn't the first blog I've had.

My other blog was basically a venting place. A place for me to air my frustrations and feelings, mostly negative.

But I've learned something.

Venting is not a virtue and it isn't mandatory. Most of the time it involves complaining, slander, backbiting, being a busybody or judgmental. All of which are condemned in scripture.

It is the antonym of discretion. It is definitely NOT gracious and sometimes it is very hurtful. All of those things are the opposite of the depiction of a virtuous woman.

Blogs are not the place to air our grievances. If there is a problem with a specific person or group of people, passive aggressively attacking them will not solve it. It will make the chasm wider. There is no good reason to openly or ambiguously attack someone, in person or online.

I have made a commitment to never do this again.

I guess my mother was right. If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all.

Ephesians 4:29

Do no…