Here I am

We've been busy with wedding stuff and being sick.

All of our kids were invited to be ring bearers and flower girls in my cousins wedding. Nathaniel ended up not being able to participate because he got the stomach flu on the day of the wedding. He was very sad.

But other than that we all made it down the isle and were relatively decent, behavior wise, during the ceremony.

So I think we definitely qualify as THAT Family!

Yesterday while playing outside in the sprinkler, celebrating the end of the school year (finally!), Caleb ran toward me screaming bloody murder. Literally. As he passed them, Nathaniel and Lilla began screaming as loudly and as hysterically. When he approached me and turned for me to see the problem, I began to scream like the victim in a slasher movie. Which made the kids scream even louder.

After a few seconds of this incessant screaming, I began to scream my husbands name and to realize that I needed to calm down and calm the kids down because Caleb was growing more panicked by the second.

By this time Michael and my dad had come outside, as I'm sure most of the neighborhood had.

I'm screaming at the top of my lungs "It's okay, it's okay!! It's alright Caleb! Michael help!!!"

Michael couldn't figure out what the problem was so me and the kids were all running around in the front yard screaming bloody murder with my dad and Michael standing there watching us.

I eventually gained enough sense about me to show Michael the problem and ask (or scream at him) him to fix it.

This was on Caleb's shoulder...

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