Making My Home a Haven

I'm not a decorator. I wish I was but I'm just not. At all. I can come up with good ideas sometimes, but it's rare. I think my last one was ten years ago.

I was a preacher's kid and we moved a lot. I've lived in 25 houses and I'm only 27. So it's kind of hard for me to become attached to a house and even harder for me to feel motivated to make my house all homey, just to have to move again.

My house has no personality. The walls are bare, except for a few hand prints. I don't have pictures hanging or anything that would tell you anything about who I am. It's sad really. Some complete stranger could come and take up residence and nobody would even be able to tell the difference!

So in the coming months, my goal is to make my house more homey. To actually leave evidence of who we are on the walls. Because the only thing you could guess by looking at my walls right now is that I have kids, who don't spell, but who own markers and love to draw.

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