My Dragon Slayer is a Man of Many Talents

A while ago I was in a group of women. They were discussing whether or not their husbands would eat leftovers. The one who answered right before me very smugly said that her husband would eat a pot of beans for a week.

Let me tell ya, not only will my husband eat a pot of beans for a week (not that I've ever made him) but he will make them first and then eat them for a week.

Seriously, I think Michael's stomach is made of steal. He can and will eat anything.

We had been married for six months before his mom politely told me, after I mentioned making it, that he doesn't like spaghetti or macaroni and cheese. We had had each one about once a week since our wedding day and he had never said a word. Seriously, not a peep out of him.

He also has this amazing ability to make leftovers taste better than they did the first time around. Some leftovers are like that anyway, but he can work miracles!

Yeah, my husband's pretty awesome! I'm so thankful that he married me!

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