My house FEELS cleaner! I finished most of the laundry room and kitchen chores today.

Reorganizing the cabinets, getting rid of the hutch altogether and moving everything around was a much bigger chore than I first thought. It took most of the day, but it feels so stinkin' good to have it done.

I don't have a lot of storage in my kitchen. So when my sweet aunt was redoing her kitchen, she gave me some of her old cabinets. Which Michael and his dad were kind enough to put up for me, LAST DECEMBER!

Although I had been using them, I wasn't maximizing their potential. So today, I worked on deciding what would go where, washed out all of my cabinets and then restocked them accordingly. Tomorrow I'll finish up in the kitchen and laundry room. It feels so good to get all of this done.

I am so thankful for the extra space and for all of the lovely people who made it possible!!!

I'm linking this to Gratituesday.

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