A few Sundays ago, I got myself and everyone else ready to go to church especially early. I had a few things to take care of so I rushed everyone out the door. I finished my projects on time and was calmly seated in my seat when everyone else started to arrive.

As I began rounding up the kids to go and sit down to prepare for worship, I couldn't find Elisabeth.

I noticed that there was a lot of commotion coming from the entry way and decided she might be a part of it.

Sure enough, she was the cause of it.

Elisabeth is extremely flexible. Her favorite stance is the bum in the air, legs straight, peering through her legs stance. I usually laugh and think nothing of it.

This Sunday not only was she wearing a dress, but somehow she made it to church with no panties on. So she was mooning everyone, and I do mean everyone, as they walked into church.

It was a fun day.

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