Outward Signs of Inward Things?

I love going to plays. Something about them leaves me feeling invigorated and cultured.

Life isn't a play. Spirituality isn't a well versed monologue. We are called to be holy. Actually BE holy. Not to convince everyone we are holy. BE holy.

It is so much easier, though, to tell someone that we love Jesus than it is to show them. But if 90% of communication is done non verbally what merit does telling someone we love Jesus have if our lives are in complete contrast to His?

This principle is true of marriage and most things in life.

When I was a young girl, I found a card that a man I know had given his wife. It said things like "I love you more now than I ever have before". I was sickened. You see I spent a lot of time with them and witnessed repeatedly and constantly the disrespect and verbal abuse the couple exchanged on a regular basis. But every year on their anniversary they exchanged cards saying things similar to the above quote. And in public they presented themselves as a united, close couple. It was disturbing.

Pretending to be or convincing everyone that we are who we want to be doesn't cut it. Actions do speak louder than words. But actions don't have any value if we aren't doing them for the right reasons.

It's time to stop acting. WHY not actually work on loving GOD and loving others? I'll be much more convincing if it's who I am than just a facade to convince you I am.

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