Growing Pains

As a child, right before I would have a growth spurt, I would have terrible cramps in my legs. At the time I didn't care about that, all I cared about was the pain. I couldn't see past the pain.

However, I was always happy to find that my clothes were a few inches shorter, or I could reach something that I couldn't before.

I'm having growing pains again. The spiritual kind. At least I pray that is the case!

It hurts, it's hard and it's taking all of the strength I possess to not give up.

This time though, I am thankful - at least in the moments I'm not spiritually doubled over in pain. I pray that I have the strength to look past the pain to my Savior. To focus my eyes on Him and let Him lead my life. To glorify Him through it all.

Please, please pray for me!

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