The Cycle

I have oftened wondered how two people who've experienced the same horrors in life can have completely different outcomes both in attitude and in quality of life.

Sometimes neither is particularly good but in contrast one seems above the other. One may be clinic-ly depressed but the other is a serial killer so in our eyes the depressed one has a good life.

In my life I have a very grave responsibility to not allow my past horrors to affect my children negatively. It's very difficult sometimes.

Sometimes it is very difficult to be honest with ourselves. Sometimes we so desperately want normalcy that we pretend we have it, we pretend that everything is fine. So we unintentionally continue the cycle. It may not be physical abuse, it might be bitterness or fear or hatred.

I've been to counseling, I've read the books. But the only solution I've found that actually works is Jesus. In Him I find the ability to forgive. I can look at the horrors of my past through His eyes, forgiving others and myself. I can extend compassion because of the compassion He has so graciously bestowed upon me.

Jesus is the only way to break the cycle. He's the only one that set things right again. That's what He's about. He's about breaking the cycle, showing us a better way. No matter who we are or where we've come from or what burden we bear. I can have life abundantly through Him and only Him.

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