A Year of Unemployment

We missed the one year of unemployment mark by about one week. Michael started his new position this past Monday. Praise the LORD!!!

It's been a difficult year. Emotionally, spiritually and in pretty much every area of life.

I received an email a few days ago praising us for remaining strong throughout the process.

Well let me tell you. I did not remain strong. My heart and mind were full of worry, anxiousness, doubt and sometimes even resentment.

It was an extremely lonely time. I withdrew from a lot of people because I grew weary of being asked what Michael was doing to find a job. Or if I was going to get a job. People withdrew from us as well. I don't really know why that is, but it is true.

I am so thankful for this job, my gratitude is beyond anything I could ever describe to you.

I've learned a lot through all of this. Mostly, that I am not strong. And that my motivation for doing things is my own fear of failure. And that that doesn't get me very far.

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