Keep Your Tongue From Evil, Keep Your Tongue

Tonight, as I stood in line at Target my eyes wondered to the magazine rack. As I read the various headlines, I was saddened by some news of a 'celebrity breakup'. But then I have to wonder, why does anyone read these? One issue they are declaring how in love a couple is and the next they are calling one of them a monster and relating his ongoing fidelity problems. Obviously these people don't really have the scoop, so why do people keep buying and reading that stuff? Why are we so obsessed with 'celebrity gossip', after all, IT IS gossip, right?

Can we really focus our eyes on Christ while dwelling on the lives of people who have no such conviction?

I am particularly prone to gossip, and I have to admit that for a long time I bought into celebrity gossip. But in an effort to remove the encumbrances that weigh me down, I've made a commitment to remove this temptation from my life.

Celebrity gossip isn't the only area where I struggle though. It seems that any situation that arises where there is lot of "visiting" I fall prey. I say something I shouldn't, whether in participating when others start or starting a conversation that shouldn't be had myself.

It seems in groups we always look for common ground, something on which we can build a conversation. But in a group of Christ followers, THAT should be our common ground. We don't need the woman whose neckline is too low, or the man who flirts too much, or the secret Betty Sue told us or the latest baseball game...if our eyes are focused where they should be, CHRIST is our common ground...which means our ENTIRE LIVES ARE IN COMMON. Feeling we have to have something else in common is like a group of art lovers, and particularly Mona Lisa lovers, staring at the Mona Lisa and feeling the need to talk about the latest baseball game. If you are in front of the Mona Lisa, the conversation is most likely going to revolve around it...the majesty...the rarity...and would not bring to mind Betty Sue's bad breath.

I'm not saying there's anything wrong with talking baseball...I'm saying that Christ is our common ground, and if a conversation topic is needed, there's no going wrong with Jesus.

Proverbs 10:19
1 Thess. 4:11
Ephesians 4:29

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