Paying for Help

I've always been a sucker for manly men. Seriously. Not just muscles...the whole honor code...fighting for what's right...dragon slayer...who does what's right when nobody is get the idea.

I am an extremely blessed woman. I know that. I have a husband who helps in just about every area of domestic life. When I can't get something done, I always think "well I'll get it done when Michael is here to help me". And let me tell you, I can count on him to help me. He folds laundry, washes dishes, changes name, he does it. In fact, I can't think of a woman more blessed than I, whose husband helps them as much as mine does.

When Michael and I were dating someone told me, after witnessing us together, that Michael would do anything for me, that he was wrapped around my finger. I have to tell you that I didn't really believe them. I knew that he loved me...well, in my own psychotic way I did...which means I didn't believe that there was anything to love but that he did his best with what I presented to him.

It's taken me 10 years to even begin to believe them. But I can honestly say that he does. He will do anything for me, and quite frequently does.

This thought is completely baffling to me. But more than that I am angry with myself for wasting the past 10 years making him perform menial tricks to prove he loves me. I've had my dragon slayer washing dishes!

Can you imagine Indiana Jones being reduced to a housekeeper?!

And yet, in my love for manly men...I have reduced my own to a maid. I am kryptonite around his neck...I've trapped Superman inside Clark Kent.

So what do I do with this knowledge? I have to admit that I'm feeling pretty lost right now. How do I undo 10 years of damage? I'm going to spend the next few days coming up with a plan...I'll let you know what I come up with. Any advice?

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