Learning to Say No and Just Trust

Sometimes it's difficult to discern between needs and wants.

And when you have a limited budget that won't even allow for some of the needs, let alone the wants, it's tempting to throw the budget out the window and live beyond our means.

And believe me, we've done our share of that.

Sure, it's annoying to not have all of the perks that your friends have, but it's even more annoying and sooo stressful to not be able to pay our bills because we wasted it at Target.

So learning to tell myself no has been a big necessity.  But let me tell ya, it feels so good. Saying no takes a weight off of my shoulders, in the way that spending and having "things" puts it on.

Sometimes it's hard to decide when we should just spring for something, and trust that God has us covered or when we should tell ourselves no and wait for Him to provide it.

I found a really cheap version of one of the books I mentioned earlier on Amazon and I have been so tempted to just get it.  I think of all the ways having it will benefit me, my family and help me bring glory to God.

I made the concrete decision today, that if God wants me to have it, if it really will benefit my family and glorify Him, He will provide it. And if He doesn't provide that particular book, He will provide in some way that will benefit us and bring glory to Him in ways I can't imagine.

I've told myself this very thing a lot lately.  And it works. Letting it go, trusting that God will provide what I need and recognizing that just because I think I need it, doesn't mean I do.  It feels awesome to be creative and do without something I thought I needed.  I'm learning to be thankful when God says no, and I'm working toward my mission of being trusted implicitly by my husband.

God is awesome!

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