Pride hinders growth.

It tells us that we are a victim. It takes the responsibility off of our shoulders, hands us someone else's burden to bear and a loud voice to complain about it all with.

It produces denial.  Denial that we are the problem...and convinces us that it isn't just our unwillingness to get up off of our rumps and's someone else, or our environment. 

It puts us on the defensive when we receive advice and helps us ignore the advice or tear it down.

I think this is something that young people have to really work on.

Looking back over the past few years...especially since I started having kids...I have recognized this in myself so much.  It was pointless to give me advice.  I'm not sure what it is about becoming a mother that totally brings out the pride claws...but it does.  But with each baby, God has cut me down to size and given me an insatiable desire for the pride had to go. Not saying it doesn't rear it's ugly head on plenty of occasions...but I'm learning to recognize the signs and 'nip it in the bud' when it does.

I remember as a young mother (haha that's like my kids talking about when they were kids) being frustrated at the lack of older womanly advice that was offered to me.  But, after having a few opportunities to play the role of the older woman in a few instances, I'm realizing that

1.)I was offered advice, but my pride either ignored it or made a defense as to why it wouldn't work and

2.)It's discouraging, as an advice giver to have someone completely tear you down and ignore your advice. Not that I offer a lot of advice, but on the occasion or two that I've been asked, they haven't been positive experiences and I have learned a lot about why 'older women' are hesitant to offer advice.

Growth is my goal...I don't have time for hindrances...I have too much growing to do to allow pride to slow me down.


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