An Attitude of Gratitude

My cup is not half empty and it's not half full. My cup runneth over.

But sometimes you'd think my cup were empty from my attitude. For me, complaining and a negative attitude come easily.  Finding fault is natural.

I've been learning that all of the things that I find to complain about are all a matter of perspective.

The pile of dirty dishes in the sink are proof that my family has food to eat. I am blessed. The endless pile of  laundry is proof that we have a full life and plenty of clothes to wear. I am blessed. The toilet I continually scrub is not a stinky outhouse. I am blessed. The empty fridge is an opportunity to be resourceful and grow in faith. I. Am. Blessed.

This week, my prayer is that God will cultivate an attitude of gratitude in my heart and that He will be glorified as I attempt to serve my family with joy.

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