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Okay, so I do not claim to be a fashionista. I'm just learning about all of this. When you are severely obese fashion isn't really the main concern...finding something to fit is...and honestly, I don't think I ever wore the size I actually needed to wear when I was at my biggest...and I'm learning that that is pretty typical.

So...I'm not doing this to claim that I know anything about's just fun. Also I thought this would be a fun way to document the evolution of my I'm sure that it will be changing more as I have more options do to my shrinking size.

1. How would you describe your style?
I think I would call it funky classic. Because I'm mostly pretty classic but I do like a little bit of funk in there too. OR maybe rocker would be more accurate...not sure.

2.  What are your wardrobe staples?
Okay, so I don't have a ton since I'm just starting my collection but...white tank know the kind mechanics wear??? I love them...I wear them all the time. Earrings are definitely a staple, I ALWAYS wear earrings...and usually they are of the big dangly variety. Also, a cardigan sweater since I'm not yet ready to bare my arms to the world.

3.  Most expensive item in your closet?
Um well I don't buy a lot of my clothes right now, since I'm still losing weight and I think it's kind of silly to make an investment in clothes I will, Lord willing, grow out of fairly quickly. So, as of right now, my most expensive item is the last dress I bought from Target...
4. Most Wanted Item?
Okay, so there are two...this white dress from Target. And these yellow heels. Not necessarily to be worn together.

5. Favorite designer. 
Valentino, Stella McCartney, Michael Kors and I'm not sure if this is a designer but I love Chanel.

6. What are your favorite places to shop?
Target, Macy's, H&M...I'm still intimidated by a lot of stores...I still feel like the pig in the room full of lady bugs.

7.  Favorite Fragrance?
Marc Jacobs Daisy

8.  Favorite way to do your hair?
I'm a big fan of the Lauren Conrad braid and messy bun thing.

9.  What is your go to outfit when you have no idea what to wear?
Um...I don't really have one...just one that doesn't cling to my fat, show a ton of leg (still self conscious about that) or draw unnecessary attention to myself.

10.  One Fashion trend you wish would come back??
Well, um, I"m a big punk fan...haha just kidding! I'm a big fan of anything from the 30s-70s so anything from any of those eras would ring my bell.

11.  Show us your most prized possession your wardrobe.
Okay, so I know this will probably seem ridiculous but I wanted this hat for months before I was able to get it. I'm still kind of self conscious about wearing but I do love it.

12. Tag people.
Okay, so I AM going to tag people but I don't want anyone who doesn't want to do this to do it. So if I tag you don't feel obligated!

Okay, so I tag...Sarah,

And anyone else who want to do it. If you don't have a it on Facebook!

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