Five Little Elephants Shopping at Walmart

Leading 5 kids through "the Walmarts" is like leading a herd of elephants through an English Garden.

You leave a wake. :)

Not really...but I do think it should be added to the list of spiritual know...prayer...Bible reading...monkey herding. :)

Just kidding...I have to say it IS fun and very interesting...especially the looks on peoples faces when they say "Are those ALL yours?" and then I tell them yes! It's like they think I exceeded the number of kids that decency dictates!

And then there are the people who just send me a knowing smile...those are the best. Knowing that they know, they've been there and they are silently saying a prayer for my sanity does wonders for my soul.

I'm not gonna kid ya...there are days when I feel like I'm gonna go crazy...there's syrup on the piano, laundry piled to the ceiling, no clean dishes, underwear or patience anywhere to be had.

Those are the days I wake up thinking I've got it all together. Those are the days I fail to feed on the Word, pour my heart out in prayer or song, or recognize that all of this is for a greater purpose, and that I have been blessed and entrusted with these precious souls to mold and lift up to bring glory to God.

By the end of THAT day, God has set me good and straight.

(And I'd like to tell you, never to think I've got it all together again...but alas, that would not be true...Praise God for his mercy and grace!)

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