From Promise to Inception

When I'm reading the Bible sometimes the timing of everything gets all jumbled in my mind. I forget that not every single event is recorded and that sometimes years and years would pass between recorded events.

Sometimes I get impatient. I want God to change me NOW. I want to walk away from whatever bad habit I'm in and never do that thing again. But I think that this is just another manifestation of God's higher thought process.

Take Abraham for example. God promised him a son, something that, based on his knowledge of the world, seemed impossible. So he waited.

(this is the part where, if this were a movie...there'd be grasshoppers chirping)

He got impatient. He got impatient and he had a son with Hagar. And was surprised when God informed him that Ishmael was not the promised son. While God was busy getting everything together and working out his plan, Abraham became so anxious for the destination that he wanted to skip the journey.

Sometimes the journey is about more than just "getting there". Sometimes we need the journey to prepare us for the destination.

If, 140 pounds ago, I'd woken up one morning and was miraculously at my goal weight, what do you think would have happened? Most likely, I would have regained it all...because I didn't have the journey to learn the lessons I needed to prepare me for my destination. Because I'll tell ya, 140 pounds ago there's no way I could have gone on a cruise and LOST weight. There's no way that I could have gotten to Day 24 of the FlyLady Babysteps.

The struggles, trials and setbacks teach us perseverance...they make us long for the destination even more so that in the midst of the Valley of the Shadow of Death...we'll keep walking.

So, yeah, it's really easy to get hung up on the junk of this life. The bad habits, etc. And sometimes it's hard to see God working and I start wondering if He is...and I get discouraged because I have so many bad habits and I fall in so many ways.

I have to trust Him. He said that if I would trust Him, that He would make my paths straight.

God sees the big picture...he knows where ALL the roads lead. He's our compass and I can't get impatient and start thinking my compass is off...because He's never off!

My point is,

1. I have to trust God and persevere in that trust...don't get impatient.
2. When I take a little detour...don't waste time putting myself down or being depressed...look at where I went wrong and mark that road on the map so I don't take it again.

God is faithful and He has blessed me beyond comprehension. Praise God!

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