How to Know If you Should Skip Your Neighborhood When Trick Or Treating

I think every neighborhood has know, like every family has an aunt Ruth that everyone prays will forget to make her horrible meatballs?!

Well, I hate to say it, but I guess I should just get it out of the way. In OUR neighborhood, WE'RE the ones. Not that anyone in our neighborhood has tasted my meatballs...meatballs are NOT the problem.

There are probably 7 houses on our block. All of them have their lawn mowed by this yardman (yeah, I don't think that's the technical term) in a little rickety truck. He does EVERY house on our block. Except ours. And I'm pretty sure that everyone in town knows that fact...because it's obvious.

So there's that. (And believe me, that's not the worst of it.)

And there's Elisabeth.

Do NOT believe anyone who tells you that girls are easier than boys. Elisabeth disproves that theory.

Elisabeth picks our neighbors UNripe fruit, flowers, climbs their trees and plays in their yards (uninvited and unaccompanied)and she leaves her toys in THEIR yards so it looks like THEY have messy kids (none of them have kids...messy or otherwise)...which totally ruins the look of their perfectly manicured lawn.

And she just got a bike...oh the fear.

All of this is done in her princess dress of choice for that day and the make up look she chose and applied using permanent markers (that won't come off for at least a week!).

I DO try to keep a handle on her...but she's fast...and quiet. And I have a bazillion OTHER kids to distract me! Seriously, if NASA needs some help with their stealth research...Elisabeth is an expert.

So trick or treating in our neighborhood is kind of tricky...I'm kind of afraid the candy will be laced with Ritalin or something. Not really...we just encourage Elisabeth to choose a full body costume wherein she is they change the names of people in stories to protect the innocent.

:) I'm kidding about the costumes and ritalin.

It's a good thing her sweet little freckle face is so cute! And I love her so much. She makes our life more interesting.
                                                    Photo courtesy of Alisha Hurt Photography

And who knows?! I said that I would be open to anything and everything that God has for me. Maybe He's using Elisabeth to prepare me for a career as an international the American (and female) James Bond.


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