In the Highways and the Hedges

This evening, as I got into the van to drive myself and the kids to worship services, I was more than a little nervous.

The last time we drove the van, the dooley-dad that displays the DTE (distance to empty) read: 0.

This morning, Michael poured the remaining bit of gas, from the gas can we use for the lawnmower, into the tank and assured me that I would indeed be able to make it safely to church and home again.

Let's be real...Michael has run out of gas more times than anybody else I know. So this didn't exactly boost my confidence.

So I herded these hooligans into the van, got them all situated and turned on the van.

The DTE read...1.

So, I had to make it 12 miles round trip with the gas mileage dooley-dad telling me I could go 1. Then the thought of having to herd these wild indians down the long, winding, and dark highway after we had run out of gas crossed my mind.

But I guess I was in the mood for a miracle, because I DIDN'T do the sane thing and turn the car off and herd everyone back inside. Instead, I put the car in reverse.

I drove carefully. Making all of the drivers who WEREN'T about to run out of gas, VERY angry. Apparently people don't like it when you go 15 miles an hour UNDER the speed limit.

As I drove along, I watched (I DID look at the road mostly) the gas mileage dooley-dad rise. First 2, then 3 and when I arrived at church it read: 9.

By the time we got to church I was feeling a little like Elijah's widow lady whose oil never ran out. WHERE DID ALL THAT GAS COME FROM?!!

By the time we got home again, it said 14.

I dunno, maybe there's some logical explanation that, as a mere ignorant female, I just don't know about. But if there is, DON'T TELL ME!

You may call me a quack...and maybe I am...all I know is that we made it home with more gas in our car than we left with...AND OUR GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD!!

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