Our At Home Science Experiment

So we've been looking for an extra curricular activity for Caleb. He's really struggled in school for the past couple of years and his self esteem has suffered a lot!

Michael and I are very hopeful this year though...Caleb hasn't been this excited about school since Pre-K.

At first I was going to put him into piano lessons. But in reading Courage and Calling I was made aware that that was MY regret about the past...and that it might not necessarily be right for Caleb. So I asked him what HE wants to do.

He got really excited and said he wants to do something science-y (my word, not his). So I've done research and found some really cool programs at places like the Exploratorium and The Discovery Museum.  I especially like what I found at The Discovery Museum...they have a robot building workshop...SO UP CALEB'S ALLEY! The only problem is...these places are around 90 miles away...and I really can't see us being able to drive up to Sacramento or San Fransisco very often at all.

So I decided to have our own little science workshop in our kitchen. So I did my research and decided that Chocolate Chip cookies would be our "experiment".

We learned A LOT! We decided to take the Nestle Tollhouse cookie recipe and tweak the ingredients to create the exact cookie we wanted...thin and crispy and perfect for dunking in milk.

We used 50% more baking soda to raise the acidity level of the batter so that their setting temperature would raise and cause them to spread more.

We replaced one egg with whole milk. Eggs fluff up and since we didn't want that...we replaced an egg with milk.

We also used more white sugar and lessened the brown sugar to decrease fluffiness.

And let me tell ya...we were absolutely successful. They are the best milk dunking cookies I've had!

Next up: Fluffy Chocolate Chip cookies and Chewy Chocolate Chip cookies

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