So I've Been Nominated for (Worst) Mother of Year (more like, Millenium)

So today is Michael's birthday. And since he's such a nice (or should I say manly? I've heard men don't like to be called nice or Where's Dr Laura when I need her?) husband I thought I should go out and find him something nice (err...manly?).

So I did. And then, just to torture him I TOLD him I did.

So I headed home and stopped at a fruit stand, on the way, to pick up a snack for the kiddos.

At this point I was feeling very confident...I'd get home in plenty of to pick up the house and get ready for the kids to arrive.

So I pull up into the driveway and see that the garage door is open.

We've had our share of thievery so my heart skips a beat at the thought of all of our kids bikes being stolen.

I stop and turn the car off and happen to look in my rear view mirror.  Across the street on our Elisabeth's little pink bike is a little girl (baring a stark resemblence to Elisabeth herself).

And then I remembered.

The kids had a minimum day today...which means they had been home for almost an hour.

I panicked and ran into the house...where the kids sat watching a movie as if there were absolutely nothing out of the ordinary. One was even DOING HIS HOMEWORK.

There are a million things that could have gone wrong. But they didn't.

God was definitely in my house today. I guess He must have figured that with a mother like me He better pay extra attention to these wild indians.

Oh and we have an ongoing battle for who can get the most pieces of ice into this particular cup...Nathaniel just beat mine...he fit 40 cubes into the cup!

Yeah, pretty sure that makes us redneck.

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