Supermom's Tool Belt

I've always been the sort of girl who runs around barefoot. I don't know, something about the power I felt when my feet hit the pavement and the freedom of grass between my toes. Yeah, I'm sure Jeff Foxworthy would call me a redneck.

Buuuuut....having kids does things to your body. And not just the outside of it.

I like spinach. SPINACH I TELL YOU. And naps. Oh I long for thee.

And in the past year, I have acquired a love, a very fervent love, for my tennis shoes. I feel powerful when I wear ANYTHING is possible. It's like I've been given a compass and my very own private jet complete with pilot.

When I'm wearing tennis shoes and a pair of big, dangling earrings I can almost feel my cape blowing in the wind.

Who needs birds and mice when I've got my tennis shoes?

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