Help Wanted

The other night I saw the movie The Help. I read the book a few months ago and I couldn't put it down!!

While I will admit that I did enjoy the book a bit more than the movie (some of the castings didn't seem quite right to me) I did enjoy both a good deal.

What gets me most in stories like that (and about the Holocaust) is not the actual perpetrators of the crimes...because they actually are deluded into thinking they are right (and as much as I hate to admit it...and I pray it is not to that grotesque extent...we all have blind spots). What gets me is the people who see that the crimes are wrong but are too afraid of what will happen to them or what their friends will think if they actually do the right thing (like Skeeter's mother).

Well, I know you'll probably find this dramatic...but from what I hear people who blog tend to be on the dramatic guess it's to be expected.

Today while I was walking home from my 5k training there was a woman unloading a large load of groceries. She had unloaded the trunk, setting her purchases on the retaining wall so she wouldn't have to carry it all up the steps and all the way to her door.

I saw her, saw that she needed help, and I even wanted to help her. But I didn't.

It's not that I felt like helping her would have cut into my probably would have given me a little extra calorie burn.

I was afraid of what she'd think of me. I was afraid that she would be afraid of me and that I was somehow going to take advantage of her. I thought about giving her my phone and telling her to keep it until I had finished helping she'd have something of value of mine to ensure I wasn't going to steal her stuff or harm her in some way.

But I kept walking. And kicking myself.

I totally passed up an opportunity to help someone who obviously needed it. And why?! Because I was afraid of what she'd think of me.

So yeah, this isn't the Holocaust and my lack of assistance didn't lead to anyone being physically harmed (well, she might get a little dehydrated out there in this heat!) but I saw someone in need and I didn't help them. And no matter the situation - how mild or severe...that is not right. Not everyone can be Schindler or a Martin Luther King we can all do SOMETHING. And if EVERYONE would just do SOMETHING...a lot would get done!

But alas, I missed my opportunity. I pray that God will give me an opportunity!

On a lighter my 5k training I totally beat my goal time by 1:30 today! And when I hugged Michael today he said "wow! You're all muscle-y". Woohoo! Progress!

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