Running the Race That's Marked Out for Me

I had an awesome day today.

Honestly, my attitude stunk for part of it...but for the part it DIDN'T was a great day!

This morning when I headed out for my run I didn't really have a plan. So the closer I got to my running place I began to formulate a plan.

I started out following a 5k training program, but the first day I couldn't even run the assigned period of time. I had to stop halfway through. And seeing as how I'm signed up for a 5k that requires me to run the entire time, that was a bit scary. So I decided to go all rogue and do my own training plan.

Basically, I started with running for a minute and walking for 2. Everyday lengthening the time I run and lessening the time I walk. My longest run (all at once without stopping to walk) before today was 11:20.

So today I decided on a length of time to run and a length of time to walk.

I arrived at my starting place, my music began and I took off.

When I'm running, even though I have a set amount of time to run, I find a place in the distance...a tree or a sign or a bench...and fix my eyes on that and just keep telling myself "just make it to that point".

Well today, when I passed my first marker and my time was up, I smiled to myself and thought..."eh...I can keep going".

So I picked out the second visual marker. And passed it.

Then the third. And I passed it as well.

I passed all of my visual markers four times each.  As I would pass, I'd smile to myself and think "maybe I can make it to the next one". (I have to admit, pulling that hill for the fourth time did not bring a smile to my face until after I reached the top.)

And I did that for four miles...42 minutes of straight running.


I have to be honest. It wasn't until I had passed my last marker before the finish line that I really considered how long/far I had run. I just ran from one marker to the next.

And it made a difference. I did something I wasn't even sure I'd be able to do in November. But I did it. And it was amazing!

I'm a runner. And that, my friends, is absurd!

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