It's The Little Things

You know how when you're a kid you can't wait to grow up? You day dream about how glamorous it will be.

My imagination went something like this...

I would get married when I was 14 (because 15 is WAY too're an old maid by 14 and 1/2).

I'd spend all day every day kissing my husband or waiting to kiss my husband (but I somehow managed to keep an impeccable house and make gourmet meals).

When he drove up in the driveway I'd rush to the door with his slippers and pipe in hand. I'd kiss him and lead him to his chair by the fire, hand him his pipe (I don't know where the pipe came from...I don't even think I've known a man who smoked one!), take off his shoes, rub his feet, put his slippers on and then rush into the kitchen to put a perfectly cooked roast on the perfectly decorated and set table.

Then we'd sit down to dinner and he would exclaim over the roast while I served him dessert (probably some 90 layer cake with some ingredient that I had to hike across Death Valley to get...all without breaking a sweat or smudging my bright red lipstick).

Somehow in all of this I managed to be a nurse and save the lives of my patients...for some reason the doctors were never around in my imagination.

Ha! It's funny. I now think 14 is too young for anything.

Michael doesn't smoke a pipe or wear slippers. We don't have a chair by the fireplace or even a fireplace. I do rub his feet sometimes but definitely NOT everyday.

He does tell me that my roast is his favorite but my table isn't decorated, unless you count mismatched dinner plates and silverware placed in the general vicinity of the plate.

I can barely make a cake at all, and 90 layers are definitely OUT OF THE are ingredients I can't get at Walmart or Costco.

The only nursing I do is cleaning and putting a band-aid on the occasional skinned knee. There definitely aren't any doctors around...but I'm pretty sure I couldn't save anyone's life.

Yeah, my life is glamorous though.

Today we totally went and got four new tires put on our suburban. And then we got pizza at Costco.

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