Love Smells!

Ever wondered what love SMELLS like?

I'll tell you what it smells like...

it smells like chocolate chip cookies.
it smells like freshly baked bread.
it smells like freshly laundered towels and socks.
it smells like stinky feet.
it smells like Lysol Toilet Bowl cleaner.
it smells like freshly cut grass.
it smells like freshly mopped floors.
it smells like a burning candle.
it smells like bubble bath.
it smells like freshly sharpened pencils and big pink erasers.
it smells like a sweaty kid rushing through the door bursting with exciting news from the day.

I woke up with a bad attitude today. Aw...I'll be's kind of been an epidemic for the past couple of weeks.

Today I thought about attempting to cure it by taking a nap. But I baked cookies instead.

I think it was a good idea!

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