The Voice of Truth

I won't bother telling you that I'm at the end of my rope. I've become convinced that only God really knows that information.

I will tell you that I am sorely incompetent.

Today, after having to discipline one my kiddos, my fear and unworthiness and just plain ignorance and lack of know-how and my loathsome parenting/being a person skills overcame me.

I think I might have actually completely freaked them out.

All I could do was sit there and cry and beg God to help me.

I want to show them Jesus. I want to display the gospel to them with my life. I want to be the strong mother and role model that they need.

But I'm not. I'm just not.

The other day I wrote a few of the areas I fall short in, but the truth is, there aren't ANY areas where I don't fall short.

But I am hopeful. I know that God can work in my life. He has. I reached this point about my weightloss a little over a year ago and He has done WONDERS in that area of my life since then.

He has blessed me beyond comprehension. I am thankful.

I need Him. It is abundantly clear. I need Him.

Praise God for His mercy and grace!

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