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The Crazy Bike Lady

My awesome new bike!
So today, while I was riding my awesome new bike, I caught myself talking to...myself. And not, you know, in my head talking to myself. I was actually mouthing the words.
My little luggage extends. So I can even ride it to do small shopping trips!

I'm pretty sure I'm officially our towns "crazy bike lady". Pretty soon I'll be pulling one of those child seats full of cans and bottles and swatting at invisible flies.
My super awesome cup-holder and basket!!!
Anyway, so last week Michael received an extra grant from school. Whenever we get extra money we try to really hard to use it for things that will have a long term positive effect. So we buy things like meat that are hard on our budget but that will keep in the freezer and ease the grocery dilemma.

Well, so Michael decided that we would purchase a bike for me to ride around town when the kids are at school to save money on gas. Woohoo! So far it's saved us $7.26. Not much but it will add up over time! I'm looking forward to keeping track of it.

The funny thing is, after a day of feeling really good about being able to make some purchases that we need and looking forward to making some repairs (like a broken window in our living room) we found out that the transmission on our "wild indian wagon" was going to need to be rebuilt. There went the remainder of our little cushion. And our window is still broken.

I have to tell you, I was angry. I was frustrated. I felt guilty, like I had misused our funds.

When I go to the grocery store, it's stressful. All the way there and all the way through the store I pray. I ask God to help me make wise decisions and to make purchases that will benefit my family and make the best use of our resources.

And so, when we received this extra money and I was able to go to the grocery store, I was still counting on being able to do our regular grocery shopping (I didn't purchase things like eggs that are fairly easy to come by in our normal budget...I bought meats and things that we don't normally get to buy but that will last a long time). But with the car repairs, it just wasn't possible.

You know, I guess I thought that God owed me. I thought that since I work so hard to be frugal and be a good steward that God was "rewarding" me for all my hard work and that I deserved that money. And when it was "taken away" I got a angry (wow, sounds like toddler drama!).

But Michael reminded me of something. There is a long chain of events here. And if any of the events had varied much, we would be "up the crick".

Back in June when we were returning home from Texas, our van broke down and Michael's parents let us bring theirs home. If that hadn't happened, we would not have a working vehicle (Michael's motorcycle needs some repairs), Michael would not be able to go to work or school and he'd probably have lost both.

Also, it's very interesting that we received this unexpected money just TWO DAYS before the transmission went out. If we hadn't received that money we would not have been able to pay for the repairs.

It's amazing how selfish and spoiled I am. And how easily I fall into the mentality that my good works can earn blessings from God. And that if I'm "good" God owes me good things.

It reminds me of the Israelites when they were about to enter the promised land and God warned them that in their prosperity it would be easy to forget where they had come from, where HE had brought them from and what HE had done for them. They complained about the food, they complained when they were thirsty and constantly disobeyed God, but He took care of them. Yeah, they were in a desert but He GAVE them food (they didn't even have to hunt for it, all they had to do was pick it up), He gave them water, He even supplied them with sandals that never wore out.

God is good. Yeah, we're broke again. But we are taken care of, and while I'm not going to presume to say what God does and does not do, some amazing things have happened in the last week. And there is nothing to do but to praise God for His goodness and mercy.

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