With Me, It's All 'Er Nothin', Is it All 'Er Nothin' With You?

I tend to be an all or nothin' kinda girl. If I get everything on my to-do list done then I feel good and it's been a successful day, but if not, I'm depressed and feel like a failure.

Recently I was reading the creation story and I started to ponder the fact that God did what He did on certain days, then He looked at what He had done that day and was satisfied...and then left the rest for "tomorrow". He didn't do it all in one day, and presumably, He could have. And when He was done for the week, He took a day off.

I think it's pretty common for moms to feel pressured to have a clean home, clean children, a meal on the table and still have time to give our husbands some attention at the end of the day. We give ourselves so much to do every day that something has to give...whether it's going through the drive thru for dinner or being tired and grumpy with our husbands!

Until the last few months, my home was either a complete mess or spotless. For the past few months it's been varying degrees in between. It's pretty clean most of the time. And most of the time my laundry is done. But sometimes I go to bed with laundry on the laundry room floor...and while I hate it, I'm learning to tell myself "well, I guess I'll try again tomorrow!"

Let me tell ya, a few months ago if I had a streak of keeping my laundry done and then "failed" one day, I would have given up. But I've been pondering the creation story and I've come to some conclusions that have had really good repercussion in my life...

1.  Not everything has to be done in one day. God did what He did and then stood back and enjoyed the view. So, do what I can but leave enough time to enjoy the fruits of my labor with my family. Because that's the reason we do it all anyway. If we're "doing it all" but missing out on time with our kids or husband and opportunities to serve others...then what's the point?

2.  Do SOMETHING every day. Again, do what I can and when I'm done don't listen to the voices that are in my head listing all of the other things I should get done. Just shut it off until tomorrow. There are more important things in life than having every can in my pantry facing forward.

3.  Take periodic rest days. This is hard. It's so hard to take rest days. But God thought they were necessary and went to great lengths to enforce the Sabbath day with the Israelites.

I think that viewing this through the creation story has really helped me to look at God in a new way. It's baffling how each thing I learn about Him just reinforces to me how utterly good and completely amazing He is!

The thing is, everything we do is to prepare ourselves and our families to serve others and love God...keeping our homes is one way that we do that.

Countdown to Thanksgiving: Today I am thankful for laundry. I am thankful that God can (and does) take the things I struggle with and moan and groan over and uses them to change me!

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