Progress, Not Perfection, RIGHT?

Five years ago, most of our food came from a box or a drive thru. Five years ago, cereal and frozen pizza were a staple in our house. Five years ago I couldn't understand why ANYONE would pay $2 for a pound of butter when I could buy a GINORMOUS tub of margarine for fifty cents.

While I am absolutely not going to claim that our food never comes from a drive thru or that my kids NEVER eat cereal...our lifestyle and eating habits are so different.

A few years ago I thought baking anything from scratch was just a waste of time. And I probably rolled my eyes at anyone who thought it was important.

Now, when my kids want something that comes from a box I kind of take it as a challenge to make it from scratch. I have found soooo much delight and contentment in this. 

Homemade hamburger buns and french fries...I didn't make the meat from scratch...sorry, that one just isn't in my repertoire.

Homemade and YUMMY! graham crackers...they are whole wheat and sweetened with maple syrup and honey.

Homemade could fill these with pizza fixings or any number of things.

Okay, so we've established that progress has been made (progress, NOT perfection, right?!).

Here's the thing, I have a hang up. I just haven't been able to get myself to make homemade beef stock. I make chicken stock all the time. I can find and purchase a whole chicken relatively easily. But beef stock requires me to first FIND, pick up and then carry an amputated calves foot around in my grocery cart.

I'm a wimp, I know.

But I am ready to try it. I am going to locate the place where one would purchase a calves foot, I am going to either put it in my basket or carry it to the check out, I am going to pay for it, and I am going to bring it home and put it in a pot and make beef stock.

That is what I am going to do.

Just thought you should know.

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