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Life Changes

I had five kids in four years.  When our twins were born our oldest child had just turned four.  
I was a little crazy.  And by a little, I mean a lot. 
I took them all to the store by myself for the first time a little over a month after the twins were born.  I went armed with my double stroller. I didn't have any of those super nifty baby wearing devices that most moms use now...I had my double stroller. 
I'm pretty sure that at several points in my early mothering, there were angels holdingthat double stroller up.
Anyway, it was Michael's birthday and I needed to get some things to make his birthday dessert.  So I took all of my five wild indians to the local Walmart.  It seemed a fitting choice.  
I got Lilla and the babies into the stroller (a very wise mama had schooled me in the art of getting THREE wild indians into a stroller with only two seats...bless her!) and the two oldest walked holding onto the stroller while I pushed it. 
About a third of the way into the sto…