Well Begun is Half Done, but Half Done Is NOT Done

So you know how you can read a book over and over and still notice new things or discover new little details that you had missed before?

I totally did that in my Bible reading today.

For the last two years I have taken a break from feeling the need to read the entire Bible through during the year.  I still read, but I find myself reading because I desire to know God and not to check it off my list.  I typically take a cue from the lesson on Sunday and read whatever book the speaker took his thoughts from.

But recently I decided to start from the beginning and really seek out God and get to know Him and so I'm starting at the beginning.

So today I was reading in Genesis and as I read chapter 11 and verse 32 I realized something I had never let sink in before.

Terah had set out from his homeland of Ur to go to Canaan, but apparently he got comfortable in Haran and never finished the journey.

This realization brought several thoughts to my mind.

1. God's will for this family got done. But not by Terah. Terah died halfway to Canaan.  Which reminded me of the story of Esther where Mordecai tells Esther that whether or not SHE chose to act on the Hebrews behalf, it would be done and that it all just came down to whether or not she would be the vessel.

~Am I willing to be God's instrument or am I too comfortable where I am? His will will be done whether I do it or not, but it all comes down to whether I will be His instrument.

2.  Comfort is not all it's cracked up to be.  James tells us to "consider it all joy" when we "encounter various trials" because the "testing of your faith produces endurance". Starting in the first place is important but it's just as important to keep plugging along to the finish.  James says "and let endurance have it's perfect result, so that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing."

-Sometimes I get so satisfied and comfortable with making the initial effort that I don't bother following through. Well begun might be half done but it ISN'T done. God please help me to rejoice in trials and embrace the effect so that I will keep running the race instead of stopping short!

3.  Abraham's story is full of flaws. But we know a lot more about his completed story than we do about Terah's half effort and by the end of Abraham's story he was so full of faith and endurance that he was willing to sacrifice his son.

-A life of doing God's will isn't without faults. It's full of them. A life of doing God's will is about Him taking us through the process of completing His work in us. God's will for us is sanctification. And that's what Abraham's story is about. I pray that I have the courage to completely surrender to God's will to allow His work to be done. I pray that my life is increasingly less about ME and more about HIM.

I have always loved the book of Genesis. It's among the easiest for me to read and I probably know it best of all the Old Testament books. So it was magnificently delicious to discover something "new". ..that I'm sure someone has pointed out to me before but I was too dense to learn or remember it. :)

God is amazing.

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