Mr. T Saves the Day!

So my favorite employee at my local Walmart happens to look like Mr. T. He just...really looks like Mr. T. Like, really.

Sometimes he's a checker. And if he is, I ALWAYS go to his line. Even if it's the longest one and all the people in front of me have shopped like their lives depend on getting their carts as packed full and over flowing as possible. Because, I just like Mr. T. He makes me happy. It's like Holly Golightly's deal with Tiffany's...nothing really bad could happen to me if Mr. T's around. :)

I've been feeling...grumpy and emotional. I won't go into why...I just neeeeed you to understand the power of my favorite Walmart employee and how much one Walmart employee can change the world. Because believe me, he DID change my families world. Did I mention I've been grumpy and emotional? :)

So tonight I went to Walmart to pick up my favorite healthy snack. I picked up my items and headed for the checkout. I didn't pay a lot of attention to the person at the family was waiting for me in the car so I just looked for the line that gave the most promise for getting me to the front the quickest.

 So I'm standing in the line in all my grumpy and emotional glory and I look up to see...Mr. T at the register. Okay, that's not his name, I think his name is something like Reggie but for my purposes...Mr. T.

I've never actually spoken to this man other than him telling me my total and saying thank you when he's done. I've wanted to start a conversation and somehow work in a vehement "I PITY the fool!" but I never work up the nerve.

Anyway, when I saw him the next logical thing was to think of this...

And my mood was (and is every time) lifted. :)

I walked into Walmart with a long face...I walked out laughing.

Thank you Mr. mean Reggie!

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