Wild Indians and Sponges

Ever since our kids were small we've had a little devotional at the end of the day (um, we're inconsistent goons...so do not take this to mean every night). At first it mostly consisted of Michael and I thinking of songs to sing and then singing them and the kids would jump in where they could. Nowadays there's harmony. We can usually break out into 4 part harmony...and Michael gets an opportunity to sing bass.

Anyway, as they've gotten older we have included more Bible lessons and prayer as well.  And more recently we've started two new things, something we call "Mutual Edification" and a Share group night (inspired by and closely following Celebrate Recovery share groups).  The share group night just gives everyone the opportunity to share their thoughts and feelings without interruption and without repercussions, and it also teaches them how to be safe people (people that can be trusted to not share each other's information and who can listen without fixing or judging and who can openly share their own issues based on that). Mutual Edification is when we go around the room and everyone either leads a song, says a prayer or reads a scripture.

I've noticed lately that when given the opportunity to pick a song, our kids aren't choosing the newer, catchy songs that have been typical in the past.  They are asking for the older hymn types of songs. It makes me smile because this has come about since they were exposed to the stories behind these songs a few months ago.

Back around the New Year, our family attended a church meeting where workshops were provided at the morning sessions, while traditional worship services were held in the evenings. Every morning I dragged my kids out of bed and we headed down to Irving Church of Christ to participate in the group worship time and the workshops following.

We went because I wanted to. I don't recall them expressing any negative feelings about it but they just never seemed particularly engaged during the big group worship time.  Anyway, every morning they played a video that dramatically told the story behind a super popular hymn. The ones that got led every service of my childhood. The ones I secretly groaned about...and that my kids NEVER requested to sing.

I remember one or two of them getting emotional during one of the stories but this apparently made a significant impression on them...and me. They hum these songs constantly and they get requested ALL THE TIME.

It makes me happy, but also a little bit more wary. Because if something can affect them that much without me even trying...I need to be more intentional with my time and activities and even when I think they aren't listening or don't care.

Because apparently these wild indians are little (or very large) sponges. :)

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