10 Good Recipes

1. I have a special fascination with recipes that proclaim themselves the "best". And I'm always on the lookout for a good vanilla cake recipe.
 I love cooking and baking from scratch. I usually have the ingredients anyway, I enjoy the process and I like knowing exactly what's in my food. :) Also, cake made from scratch tends to be more filling so the eater doesn't eat as much.
The problem is cakes from scratch, particularly vanilla ones, are more prone to both ingredient and procedural error.

 So I have been on the prowl for a good recipe for a long time. I recently tried this one and it's our favorite so far. I also made the Marshmallow Frosting but I probably won't again. It LOOKS beautiful! And it tastes okay but marshmallow cream as frosting isn't our thing. Although I might use that recipe for recipes that call for marshmallow cream. Cause, from scratch. :)

2. I've been making this recipe for years. It's kind of become more of a formula for me. I vary up the ingredients. Sometimes I use taco season in the meat. And sometimes I add in some veggies and sometimes I use potatoes instead of rice. Pretty much however I make it, it's pretty easy, cost effective and my family enjoys it!

3. These are very much like Cheez It crackers. You have to get them pretty thin though so they will be crispy. They are good if they're thicker too, but they are more crackery if they are thin. I like to roll them out and cut them out into fun shapes.

Also, it HAS to be sharp cheese. Anything less than that is kind of bland and ends up being something else entirely.

4. I absolutely LOVE making these graham crackers. They are soooo good and sooo easy to make. I also like cutting these out into fun shapes!!!

5. I love creating my own recipes. I love researching other recipes and finding out what each ingredient does and then making my own recipe based on the result I want to achieve. And that's what I did with these granola bars!! We love them!

6. This is the recipe I learned to make homemade Refried Beans on. I don't really follow the recipe anymore, I've kind of made up my own version and I do it different every time. But these are delicious!!!! My kids would probably eat them every day.

7. Cheeseburger Soup. Do I need to say anything else?! It is really delicious. This is another that I kind of just use as a base now. I've added all kinds of other veggies and I've used cream cheese instead of sour cream and it's all delicious!

8. Okay. This one has a lot of ingredients. The bacon and onions and stuff make everyone in my house turn into ravenous zombies.

I didn't use spanish onions, I used ruglar onions. They might have been Spanish, and they might not have been. We don't discriminate. We believe in affirmative onion action. :)

 I also use frozen corn from Costco. It's the best frozen corn ever. It tastes fresh off the ear! And I don't have to do the work to get it off the ear.

 I only use about half of the heavy cream. I use some Sour cream and some cream cheese to make up the difference. And I just put it in until it tastes good and the texture is right. And did I mention I only make this when there's company? Cause that's a lot of creamy stuff and it's super good and if I made it just for us we'd all eat our weight of soup.

I actually made it this way the first time I made it because I didn't want to spring for all the cream. But the next time I made it I made it straight and it wasn't as good.

9. This Chicken Pot Pie recipe. Here's the thing, I've made this with the homemade crust before and I've used store bought crust...either way, it's amazing. I've used frozen veggies and I've used fresh...either way, it's amazing. I usually add potatoes. I use prebaked ones just to make sure they get done...cause nobody wants to bite into an undone potato!

Oh, and I don't remember ever using the wine. Although I may have. But I know I haven't used it a majority of the time because we don't keep it. Either way, amazing!

10. Okay, so our kids LOVE waffles. Honestly, I'm glad because I'm not a good pancake maker. I don't know why. Anyway, this is a good basic recipe. I've varied it up and added things and they are always good!!

11. Did I say 10? Well since I shared a cake recipe, I need to share a frosting one, right? Well, I love this one. I don't always want to take the time to make it, but it's really good if I do. Here's the thing though, I have never been able to get regular granulated sugar to work. I use the extra fine granulated sure and I have been successful with that. I've also used powdered sugar and that worked too...even though the recipe says specifically to NOT do that. :)

This frosting is light...it's not rich like buttercream is. It's particularly good on chocolate and Red Velvet cakes.

There you go! What are YOUR good ol' standby recipes?!

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