15 of My Favorite Feelings

With all of the things going on in the world I just feel the need to think happy thoughts. And I don't think I have any deep thoughts left. So I'm going to share with you my favorite feelings or the things that make me feel good. I got the idea from here. Yes, I watch make up videos on YouTube and this is a girl that I watch

In no particular order...

1. The wind blowing through my hair..like on a lovely evening after a hot day and I roll the car window down and turn the radio up. It just makes me feel alive and free and like anything is possible.

2.  Riding a bike down a steep hill. It's a little crazy. It's kind of scary. When the wheels wobble a little and I'm not quite sure if I'm going to biff it or not but then somehow I manage to keep it upright. Again, alive, free and like anything is possible.

3.  Seeing my kids keep going when they want to give up. Watching them work through the issue to find a solution and then see them finish strong!!! It's like watching Rocky live! I hear Eye of the Tiger and everything. 

4.  When Michael and I do something together totally as a team. When both of us are fully engaged and we rely on each other to do our part and we're sweaty and he doesn't second guess whether or not I can handle my part. 

5.  Lifting super heavy stuff. I. Love. It. 

6.  Roller skating. It's the music and the speed...and the wind blowing through my hair. Again, alive and free and like anything is possible.

7.  My girls singing together. Okay, so they fight a. lot. So it's nice to hear them working together to accomplish something beautiful. It gives me hope that at some point they'll be friends.

8.  When I try for something that I tell myself I can't do. Whether or not I prove myself wrong...I love it when I have the nerve to try.

9.  Moments when I'm completely confident because I know God loves me. Like when I'm baking. Or at Costco.

10. When I'm driving toward the part of CA where the air smells of eucalyptus and sea and I pass through the veil and all of the sudden the air is exhilarating and smells clean and beautiful and I just want to drink it all in. Every breath is communion with God.

11. When I smile at a stranger at they smile back. :)

12. Reading the Bible and learning something I've missed.

13. When my friends pray with me. Not at meal times...I mean that's cool too, but it's especially cool when it's spontaneous.

14.  When the sun shines through the clouds and I can see the rays of sun and I feel like I'm beholding, in a very small way, the glory of God. 

15.  When all of our bills are paid. Even if there's no money left. Knowing that we fulfilled our obligations is amazing. 

I'm sure as soon as I hit publish I'm going to think of a million more. :)What are YOUR favorite feelings? 

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