Motivation to Keep Going Even When it Hurts

A few years ago, during my weightloss saga, I was very motivated to reach a certain goal. For weeks I had been inching closer and closer to it but not quite reaching it. So I decided that "desperate times call for desperate measures" and I stuck 40 pounds in a backpack and started out on the 6 mile walk home from church.

Even as I started out the weight felt heavy but I was pretty determined so I set out anyway.

For the first 3 miles or so I was able to distract myself from the heaviness. I focused on the sermon (on Romans 8) that was playing in my ear.

As I made my trek my shoulders hurt, so I would stop, set the backpack down for about 30 seconds and then return it and continue on my way.

Each time I sat it down though, it became harder to pick it back up. The shoulder straps on the backpack--that was made so sturdy that they were willing to give us a lifetime guarantee--began to tear.

The weight on my shoulders made it difficult to even remain upright...putting one foot in front of the other required a concentrated effort.

I just kept thinking of what it would feel like to reach my goal. And so I kept going.
I stopped taking breaks because it required too much energy to lift the backpack off my shoulders and I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to get it back onto my shoulders once it was off. The backpack kept hitting me in the lower back and it got painful enough that I put my hands there to keep it from happening.

I was miserable. But I kept going...

...until I made it to the 5 mile mark. I walked to a safe spot to wait, I took the backpack off of my shoulders and I called Michael and asked him to pick me up.

I had rub burns and bruises on both my shoulders and a deep bruise on my lower back where the backpack had hit me.

Even though I didn't make it the whole 6 miles, I felt good about it.

Setting goals is powerful. Setting a specific goal kept me going long after I would have stopped if I didn't have one. I endured way more pain than I would have tolerated if I didn't have my goal to focus my mind on.

I love setting goals but I think that breaking them down into smaller daily or weekly ones is important. The smaller goals work toward the bigger ones and the victories from the smaller ones keep me motivated to keep going until I reach the bigger one. My mind being focused on what I can do TODAY keeps me from getting bogged down in how far I still have to go.

The cool thing is, even though I didn't make it the whole 6 miles, I reached and even surpassed the goal I had set. So I chalk that up as a win. :)

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