An Open Door

Twice every week I hit the publish button on this blog. Rain or shine, good times or bad, feast or famine.

Most of the time I do it reluctantly. "Why would anyone read this?" "There are a million people who could write it better." "I should just go hunt down an article about whatever I've written about and share that." 

But I hit the button anyway because I trust my God. And I want Him to have what He's blessed me with for His own glory. When He comes to see what I've done with what He's given me I want Him to know that I DIDN'T bury my one talent. I want to give it my all so that it will grow and give Him even more glory. Not because He needs it but because He deserves it and I want to give Him all I can.

Lately I've been feeling frustrated. I know I need to improve my writing and I know that to some extent just writing regularly will do that. But I want to learn, I want to soak in knowledge. I want to be taught. I want my offering to God to grow. I want to give Him the best that I can possibly muster. 

I also don't want to get ahead of God. I want to receive HIS blessings in HIS timing. I want it to be all for His glory and not my own. 

Sometimes I'm tempted to do that. Sometimes I am like Sarah and I don't see God working and I decide to figure it out myself and implement my own plan...only to realize that my plan has nothing to do with God's and it was all a terrible idea anyway. 

So I've been writing and publishing faithfully for the last 4 months with my eyes and ears open. Watching like a hawk for a sign from God. Not seeking anything out, just watching so I'd be ready if God presented a door for me to walk through. 

And a friend told me about Compel. It's basically exactly what I've been looking for. For a monthly fee I can become a member and receive assignments and feedback and training and teaching and...oh so much! I just can't believe how exactly what I've been looking for it is!!!
I think I may have found the door. 

The prospect of getting to really work on my writing skills in a way that works for my family is super exciting! I know that God will provide if this is truly His plan for me.

It's really hard to wait sometimes. Sometimes I really want to go out and seek out what I'm looking for and force something to happen, but I'm so glad every time I DON'T do that.

God really is good. His gifts and His timing are so worth the wait!!!

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