Empowering Vs. Enabling

For a long time Michael and I made so little money that we couldn't pay all of our bills. So we didn't even try. We relied heavily on bail outs from our parents.

As we matured we applied for public assistance and received it. We qualified for the emergency benefits because of how low our income was.

Again, as we matured and our income rose a little bit we eventually cancelled our Food Stamps and other benefits. Not because we didn't qualify. We technically still qualify. But the joy of paying our own bills ourselves was so great and we felt so empowered that we just wanted to relieve the government of having to help us. 

The more we got a taste of being able to work and take care of ourselves the more we did. The more hope we had of actually being able to pay our bills, the more inclined we were to do so. 

Being enabled actually took our power away. 

And that's why I'm so passionate about Fair Trade Friday and Mercy House Kenya.

Because it isn't about enabling the artisans. It's about empowering them. 

Joining the Earring of the Month Club gets you a beautiful, handmade pair of earrings delivered straight to your door. Every. Stinkin. Month. And you get information about the lovely person who made them...in fair working conditions. 

Or you can purchase a whole box of goodies that will be delivered to your door once a month. So once a month you can pretend it's your birthday and get a super secret and super special box full of surprises. And they come with gift tags in case you want to give them away. So...your gift shopping is already taken care of...unless you love the items so much that you just can't bear to give them away...then you might still need to go shopping! :)

Also, you can visit the Mercy Shop and check out other fair trade items to purchase!

Any of these options are great! You can get amazingly beautiful, hand made items and support the artisans! It's really a win-win. 

To read my previous post about Fair Trade Friday with more details about actually signing up and what comes in the boxes, etc click here.

I was given a free pair of earrings but my opinions are my real opinions. I would have told you about this even if I had received nothing! :)

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