How I Know God Is Good

We're back.

Souls fed, hearts full, skin brown.

We stopped to play in the Gulf of Mexico before heading to our boat. This is life with five wild indians. Beautiful. But messy too.
Our first day on the boat. It was just starting to get dark. Can you tell how excited we were to be there? We counted down 214 days. For a while it felt like it would never get here. But it did.
We got to eat lunch with this view! God is an amazing artist!
 Michael took advantage of the water slide. I think he enjoyed it more than the kids did!
One of our favorite things was the "Dive In Movie". There was a big screen above the pools and you could sit in a deck chair or in a hot tube or the pool and watch the movie. We got to see Avengers 2, Inside Out and Cinderella! All movies we had been wanting to see! Soooo much fun!
This picture does not do the beauty of it in person justice. It took my breath away. God is awesome!
They were so excited to be able to say that they had been to another country!
Playing on the beach in Cozumel.
And how we got to the beach in Cozumel. We rented a jeep that I'm pretty sure really only seats 4 people. But we stuffed all 7 of our hiney's in this jeep. Probably not a good choice. I found it kind of ironic. It was kind of a running joke at my high school that at lunch we would count how many Mexicans got out of a car. It was amazing how many people they would stuff into a car. It was like Mary Poppins pulling stuff out of her carpet bag. 
Obligatory shot in front of the ship. :)
I was lying on the beach in Cozumel when I felt something brush against my foot. I looked over to see this sweet little baby sea turtle making it's way through the sand. 
We loved getting to sit down to a nice dinner every evening. We chatted a little with the elderly couple in the background. They were celebrating their 48th anniversary. They were so sweet to our kids. Nothing wins my heart like people loving my kids.
This was in Progresso. At a little restaurant on the beach. Michael and the kids swam in the ocean while I guarded our stuff and sat in the shade. 
Our kids discovered prank calling and found great delight in it. But only between our room and theirs. Michael got them pretty good once by putting on an Indian accent and claiming to be Guest Services. :) Their prank calling skills improved significantly over the 5 days. Of course, when you start with "This is a prank call! haahahahahahahaahaha" there isn't far to go to improve. I want to reiterate that they only prank called us. :) 

Isn't God's creation beautiful?! I took both pictures because I thought the first one with the storm in the distance was so metaphorical and the second was just breathtaking.

This is Uriah utilizing his dance skills. The serving staff did dances for us every night and Uriah enjoyed helping them out. He's a little Fred Estaire. I mean, he really is. He picked up the dances like a pro. And then there's Elisabeth. Special in her own way! :)
Our whole family really enjoyed the family friendly comedy shows. We went to two. This one was an
improv one like Whose Line Is It Anyway? Michael got called up on stage and it. was. hilarious!!!! Technically this picture is contraband. Lilla was quick to inform me after I took it. But since I already took it...:/
We had so much fun. It was so refreshing. I literally didn't think about anything but the 7 of us and the moment we were in the whole time. It's like the whole world outside of the 7 of us just disappeared for a little while. But we are back now, and we are ready to hit the ground running. Everyone is ready to get back to work and school and the daily grind. We are ready to face life again. God is so good to us! Several times during the cruise I looked around at my little family and just thought about how blessed I am and how good my God is.

You know what's amazing?! Seeing my kids being good kids when I'm not there to "make them" and they don't know I can see them. THAT MY FRIENDS is how I know that God exists, that I matter to Him and that He is totally and utterly good.

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