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Moving On

I've been blogging off and on for over 9 years.

I've been blogging here since 2009. Not always consistently, but I've posted here for almost 7 years.

I started out as The Happy Homemaker. And then switched to Wisdoms Pupil and for the past 5 years or so, I've been Stepping Out of My Boat.

I've grown a lot in the years I've been blogging. I'm really thankful to be able to look back on what I've written and know without a doubt that I have grown.

Something that I've discovered about myself is that I need purpose. I struggle to keep up with household chores that I just have to do over and over again. I forget to do them. I know that sounds silly but I am very Absent-Minded-Professorish. I would rather be working out a Biblical concept in my head or communing with God among the trees than folding clothes. I've grown in this area but I still struggle a lot.

This blog has given me purpose. It's given me a place to share things that I'm learnin…

Personal/Family Update

God is working in our family. Isn't it amazing when it's obvious?! It is to me.

It just blows my mind that God would work in my life at all. That He would allow me to glorify Him. Not because He's not good, but because I am who I am. I have character defects and things I fall completely short in. And yet, He is working in me and in my family. 
Mind. Blown.
The kids are enjoying public school. They have awesome teachers and they are all getting to discover gifts and talents and interests. It's so interesting to see them grow. Some of them are doing course work 2 grades above their own. Some are struggling to do their grade level work. All are working hard, using whatever their level of academic talent is to the best of their ability. 
I've always wanted my kids to do better than I did academically. Don't get me wrong, I was smart. But I was lazy. Really, I want them to be responsible and do their best. 
Well, I just want to say upfront that I take absolutely zer…

Beautiful words written by someone else...

"Christmas art depicts Jesus' family as icons stamped in gold foil, with a calm Mary receiving the tidings of the Annunciation as a kind of benediction. But that is not at all how Luke tells the story. Mary was "greatly troubled" and "afraid" at the angel's appearance, and when the angel pronounced the sublime words about the Son of the Most High whose kingdom will never end, Mary had something far more mundane on her mind: But I'm a virgin!
       Once, a young unmarried lawyer named Cynthia bravely stood before my church in Chicago and told of a sin we already knew about: we had seen her hyperactive son running up and down the aisles every Sunday. Cynthia had taken the lonely road of bearing an illegitimate child and caring for him after his father decided to skip town. Cyntiha's sin was no worse than many others, and yet, as she told us, it had such conspicuous consequences. She could not hide the result of that single act of passion, sticki…


John the Baptists birth was a miracle. His mother was an old woman and barren when she was told she would have a child. His father became mute until his birth. He leaped in his mothers womb when Mary, pregnant with Jesus, walked into the room. John ate locusts...that's commitment right there. He baptized Jesus and saw the Holy Spirit descend on Him and heard God's voice declare that Jesus is His beloved Son. He declared the truth to Herod, despite the obvious danger in doing so.

His entire purpose in life was to prepare the way of The Lord. His whole life is wrapped up in Jesus.

And yet, at one point he sends his disciples to Jesus to ask if He is The One.

That is mind blowing to me.

He was human. He had moments of uncertainty.

Sometimes I think of people like John the Baptist as super human. If God chose them they must have been a lot better than me. And I'm sure he was/is...but I think it's kind of important to remember that the people that God chose were human.


On Being a Flaky Chick and What I've Been Reading

I've always found personality tests to be interesting, but I've never taken them very seriously. But I've changed my mind.

About a year ago, I started meeting with an elder at our church to work on spiritual formation. As a part of that I took a personality test which told me I am an INFJ or a Renewer.

The apostle John is my biblical counterpart, according to Your Personality and the Spiritual Life.

I think deeply, creatively and intuitively. I look for deeper meaning in situations and tasks. I need that deeper meaning to really commit myself. I live my present always mindful of the future.

The down side is that I experience a lot of loneliness and restlessness is often my companion. I am always looking for fresh challenges and opportunities. I become absorbed in my thoughts that I am not good at living in the present. I also have a tendency toward indulgence and overextension (um...I had 5 babies in 4 years...ya think?!)

A while back, I got this book out again because the…

The Only Time I Will Ever Give Mothering Advice

You know what I NEVER think about? I mean, never.

You know what I NEVER get asked about on forms I have to fill out? 
You know what NEVER gets talked about at anyone's funeral?
Nobody EVER says, "Mrs. So-and-so was a good woman, she had all of her children potty trained at...(insert whatever age you want)".
Nobody says that because nobody cares. 
And you know what?! I NEVER think about how old I was when I was potty trained. Never.
Young moms get so much pressure. From books, magazines, PINTEREST, other moms, grandmas, random people at the grocery store and from themselves. It's ridiculous. 
Everyone has an opinion. But the thing is, God isn't going to mention how long it took my kids to stop having accidents or stop sucking their thumb or walk or sit up on Judgment day. You aren't a delinquent mom if your kid isn't potty trained until they're 4. Because, guess what?! God knows your heart. He knows you love that kid. 
I had one super easy kid to potty…


I deleted my personal Facebook account a while back. I ended up reactivating it because my Spotify account is linked to it and I love Spotify. So it's there but I don't check it.

I made the decision after getting some advice from an older woman.

I had recently asked for advice about something in a status update and I received a lot of really good responses but she suggested that instead of posing the question to, mostly, my peers, that I should seek out older women to ask.

I had actually been contemplating it anyway because Facebook triggers a lot of my character defects. Mostly, my insane inclination to compare myself to others. And so, after that conversation I made the decision to stop getting on my personal Facebook page but to keep my writing one.

The thing is, God has done so much for me. He has taught me, changed me. I honestly never thought that I could really change as a mom. But I have. In tangible ways.

The more I learn, the more I realize that I am deeply flawed an…