Moving On

I've been blogging off and on for over 9 years.

I've been blogging here since 2009. Not always consistently, but I've posted here for almost 7 years.

I started out as The Happy Homemaker. And then switched to Wisdoms Pupil and for the past 5 years or so, I've been Stepping Out of My Boat.

I've grown a lot in the years I've been blogging. I'm really thankful to be able to look back on what I've written and know without a doubt that I have grown.

Something that I've discovered about myself is that I need purpose. I struggle to keep up with household chores that I just have to do over and over again. I forget to do them. I know that sounds silly but I am very Absent-Minded-Professorish. I would rather be working out a Biblical concept in my head or communing with God among the trees than folding clothes. I've grown in this area but I still struggle a lot.

This blog has given me purpose. It's given me a place to share things that I'm learning and thinking about. It's helped me to process those things. I've learned to use 'I' statements and to talk to people directly instead of writing a post about the situation.

This blog has been a voice for me when I really didn't have one otherwise. I tend to not talk a lot in group settings, and this blog has been a place for me to get my words out without feeling pressured and in a place where I can completely think through it before I 'say' it.

I feel like my life has moved on though. I feel like I keep trying to make this blogging thing work because it's what I know. It's my habit. It's a way to interact with people on my own terms.

But like I've said several times recently, I only want things in my life that God wants there. And I'm thinking that blogging isn't one of those things right now.

And so, I am releasing myself from any obligation to write here. I may write more in the future, who knows?! But for now, I'm moving on. This isn't something I decided today. It's been coming on for a while now. I've thought about it and prayed about it for a while and I just think this is the right thing to do for now.

Thank you for taking the time to read what I've written and to encourage me! I appreciate that more than you know!



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