On Being a Flaky Chick and What I've Been Reading

I've always found personality tests to be interesting, but I've never taken them very seriously. But I've changed my mind.

About a year ago, I started meeting with an elder at our church to work on spiritual formation. As a part of that I took a personality test which told me I am an INFJ or a Renewer.

The apostle John is my biblical counterpart, according to Your Personality and the Spiritual Life.

I think deeply, creatively and intuitively. I look for deeper meaning in situations and tasks. I need that deeper meaning to really commit myself. I live my present always mindful of the future.

The down side is that I experience a lot of loneliness and restlessness is often my companion. I am always looking for fresh challenges and opportunities. I become absorbed in my thoughts that I am not good at living in the present. I also have a tendency toward indulgence and overextension (um...I had 5 babies in 4 years...ya think?!)

A while back, I got this book out again because the kids took personality tests at school and I wanted to see what it said about them...mostly who their biblical comparison is. I decided to read mine again.

I know it's silly but it's crazy how accurate it is. I experience a lot of loneliness and for some reason knowing that it's just a part of my personality helps me cope. Knowing the deeper meaning behind it makes it more bearable. Knowing expressly what my weaknesses are better prepares me to deal with them, but also knowing that I do have strengths and being reminded of what exactly they are gives me a boost of confidence that I generally lack.

I'm saying all of this to just say that I've been struggling with my writing, with purpose general. I am struggling to stay committed to this. The thing about me that Michael really hates? I'm always willing to rethink things and change directions at almost any moment. Which means I can be what he would call flaky. Sometimes that's a good thing and sometimes it means I struggle to keep commitments...that I'm a "real flaky chick". I missed posting for the second time last week. I'm conflicted about whether this is a waste of time or if it's an exercise in keeping commitments even when I change my mind or direction.

Hm...I don't know. For now, I am going to keep my commitment if it kills me. :) For now.

What I am reading:

Just finished: Revolution of Character
Currently reading:  The Jesus I Never Knew and Sacred Rhythms

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