The Proverbs 31 Woman Did WHAT?!

You know what Proverbs 31 doesn't mention the "Proverbs 31 woman" doing? This discovery was actually kind of shocking to me.

Proverbs 31 never mentions the "Proverbs 31 woman" reading her Bible. Or getting up at the crack of dawn to have a quiet time.

Wow. I've typed Proverbs 31 a lot. Proverbs 31.


You know what Titus 2 doesn't command the older women to teach the younger women? Bible reading or getting up at the crack of dawn to have a quiet time.

And you know what Hannah did while she was breastfeeding? She stayed home from the yearly trek to offer sacrifices.

I used to feel guilty when my quiet time or spiritual growth pursuit didn't look like someone else's or the way I thought it should or the way I was told it should. But you know what I've learned? I've learned that when I think of it that way, I'm completely missing the point.

Reading my Bible and going to corporate worship and praying are stepping stones to the relationship. They aren't the relationship themselves.

Imagine that you decide to go on vacation. You're going to Paris. You have to get on a plane, right? But the plane isn't Paris. The plane GETS you to Paris. And even when it lands in Paris, it's still not Paris, right? Nobody would sit on the plane and look at the Eiffel Tower from the plane window. The plane is merely a form of transportation.

And that's what spiritual disciplines are. Kind of.

They are a vehicle. They remind me. They convict me. And I should absolutely do some. Every day. But I don't think it has to look like the way I've previously believed it had to.

I would like to take the next little while to explore spiritual growth. Especially in the lives of women. I would like to delve into methods and myths and whys and how-tos.

But mostly I would like to become more aware of God's grace in this topic. Because it's there. Jesus blood covers me. Even when I get behind in my Bible reading.

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